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Rise and Shine beyond limits for 365 days a year with our Pendant Collections for each month. Here we go…

#1 Rhodium Plated With Cubic Zirconia Necklace 


Begin the first month of the year with Rhodium plated zirconia necklace. Many of JewelPanda's customers’ favorite could now be yours too. Who knows? May be you could shine high with in 2022 with our electrifying modern piece.

#2 Cubic Zirconia Panda


February is usually the shortest month of the year. This short month should be enjoyed with JewelPanda’s cute little Panda Pendant Necklace which is made of zinc alloy with cute little bamboo tree.

#3 Sterling Silver Heart


Let the musicof your heart playin the hearts of your favourites. Speed up the pulse with our Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Necklace which stands as a charm and shines in the hearts of your favourites. Click here for more Sterling Silver necklace!

#4 Sterling Silver Constellation


A constellation of zodiac sign carved into this pendant adds beauty to its appearance. This 45 cm link chain is a perfect choice if you love and believe in the vastness and energy of the Universe! You can also personalize constellation necklace with all your signs like Leo constellation necklace, Tarsus constellation necklace etc,.

#5 Blue Crystal Pendant With Chain And Earring


A unique set of shiny pendant comes with earrings to match your outfit. Jewellery with a single statement style crystal in royal blue will always be the center of attraction. Blue Crystal necklace and blue crystal earing will never drop from your eyes.

#6 Long Chain Sweater Necklace With Geometric Pendant


This timeless beauty of a pendulums of varying lengths strike a balance of shape, drape and simplicity with this sleek necklace goes well with your Sweaters. Have a try!

#7 Personalised Gift With Sterling Silver


Make this incredible women of your life feel special by packing your love, warmth, laughter and kindness with this personalized jewelry necklace for mom, sister, grandmother and so on. You can also add personalized card of love with this incredible piece

Click here to find a few other collections for the members of your family.

#8 Sterling Silver Blue Planet


Let the celestial spirit in you wake up with cute little star, moon and a giant blue planet. Celestial necklace is the perfect match for your Celestial friend (not literally).

#9 Sterling Silver Infinity


Gift this infinity love necklace to him/her singing I love you for Infinity!This product can be paired up with Infinity bracelet  - Women's 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Infinity Bracelet as well as infinity ring

Women's Sterling Silver Open Adjustable Ring With Zirconia - JewelPanda

#10 Women's Sterling Silver Reindeer


Happiness and fulfillment comes in winter and winter is known for reindeers. Like the shinny nose of Rudolph, this rudolph necklace shine in it’s unique design. Let Mr Rudolf stay with you not only during winters but throughout every season.

Grab, grab, grab!

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