4 Ways To Make Your Better Half Smile More

May 20, 2021 2 min read

4 Ways To Make Your Better Half Smile More

Smiling is the most important thing for every human being here. So, why not put a smile on your better half whenever it’s possible rather than waiting for avalentine’s day or birthday. So, here’s a list of other things you can do to cheer them up

1. Write Cute Notes

Write cute notes for your better half on post-it notes and stick them on their closet or lunch box. The idea is to put a smile on your love’s face at the most unexpected time. You’ll never know what it might make them feel. They might be having a bad day at work or couldn’t have chosen a perfect winter coat! Your note might cheer them up!

2. Cook Their Favorite Dinner

What’s better than having a hot/cold but favourite food at the end of the day? So, surprise your better half with their favourite food. Get home early from work one day and cook it for them. Also, don’t forget some candles to lit up the mood around!

3. Gift A Favourite Jewel

Ah! A beautiful gift at the most unexpected time will make the best memory. So, here are a few suggestions that you might bring a smile to her face and also on yours!

This gemstone pendant necklace is just perfect for any partywear that your girl owns! The necklace is made of high-quality material that glams up the low neckline and gives a stunning look. The crystal necklaces are always a go-to necklace for date nights.

The infinity bracelet symbolically tells what your relationship means to both of you. This might sound old school but can win her heart over again. And every time she sees the bracelet, she will smile thinking about the time you spent together.

She loves to wing it! Not just her eyeliner but also the vivid winged Zirconia studded earrings. So, get her the Fairy wings earrings from us to look her face lit up. Well, our earrings will do the trick but you can take the credit for her smile! Deal?

Are you thinking, “I didn’t tell her yet”?. If yes, what are you waiting for? The vintage Zirconia solitaire ring is right here! You’d need this ring, a few moments of luck, and guts to say it out to her. Just grab this ring or any other solitaire rings from our rings collections and say your heart out!

4. Do A Day’s Household Chore

This would make her fall in love all over again! Wake up early and make her breakfast or come home early and do the dishes. Your small help will slice up a huge chunk of her time in the evening and she’ll rest for a few extra hours. 


What’s lovelier than taking the chores off your partner’s shoulders? 


If you’d like to explore more options to gift her a jewel, visit our store. But if you’re willing to go an extra step, put down your phone and look around. Probably, your girl is there. If not, go home to find better half there. 


But if you can’t find her around, you’re single, probably! Chill, your time and ring will come!


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