7 Most Googled Questions About Halloween 2020

October 23, 2020 3 min read

7 Most Googled Questions About Halloween 2020

Yay! It's that time of the year for all the spooky lovers to spread #SquadGhouls! As everyone is excited about this booing tradition, people have also raised questions in tons! We, at Jewel Panda, have tried to answer them all in this blog! Let’s jump to some of the most googled questions about Halloween according to answerthepublic.com

 By now, you would have figured out the most commonly googled query in “2020”- Didn’t you

1. Can We Celebrate Halloween In 2020?

Here is the not-so-spooky answer! 

Well, luckily the UK government does not have any rules imposed to withhold celebrations right now. However, COVID is an unpredictable imposter who would demand a different set of rules every other day! So, let’s hope COVID stays away from our “Haunted mess”.

2. Why Is Halloween 2020 Unique? 

An old haunted house, withered trees, carved pumpkins, candle lights, night sky and a full moon! Can you paint the picture of Halloween night? 

We have always seen an image with a full moon in the sky, yet, only once in 19 years Halloween falls on a full moon day! A full moon night sky is an alarm for spirits to leave their cemeteries and wander around the streets! This is how all the evils around the world decide to haunt human beings and Halloween Night might spice it up! 

“It’s a full moon tonight! That’s when all the weirdos are out”, remember the line fromHocus Pocus?  

3. Are Halloween Pumpkins Edible?

Every year, this question tops the list (Can they get any creepier?) Well, you can eat them if they haven't been lying around your fireplace or lawn! Yet, People make varieties of pumpkin dishes during Halloween! What’s a Halloween without extreme “food makeovers”? 

4. Why is Halloween the best holiday?

Halloween is the best holiday for so many reasons! It allows people to bond with each other. (Oops, should I have said “Boo” to each other?)

Maybe! Rather, I would say, Halloween allows you to deck up as characters that you would otherwise not! Do we all imagine waking up one day and dressing up as Harley Quinn or Sherlock Holmes and go to work? So, I think this makes Halloween the most favorite holiday ever!  

What ya thinking?

5. What Halloween movies can I watch in 2020?

It would be an understatement to call Movie night as just a pastime during Halloween! It’s a part of The Holiday Season. What’s fun without watching super horror movies and being scared to death? Now, what a better way to get ready for Halloween than bingeing the Halloween slasher movies?

Here is a list of movies that can keep you up all night long!

6. Can Halloween be on Oct 13th?

Okay! This question first found its way into Google’s trending list with a Facebook post! It said “Halloween this year will fall on Friday, the 13th after 666 years”. (13th, the number itself added to the already haunting day of the year!) Many people over the internet speculated about it and some even created their own versions of it! 

Yet, Halloween is always celebrated on the evening before All Saints Day! So, no peeps, it stands the same. Mark the calendar- It’s October 31st, #everyyear

7. What costume should I wear this year? 

2020 and its most unwelcome guest have rooted for other costume ideas rather than the usual ones. 

So, instead of sticking to every year’s costume why don’t you try to dress up like the “virus” itself? Go for trick or treating, Social distancing is guaranteed! 


But wait, even If you want to create a traditional Halloween look but laziness peeped in, we have got your back! A spooky bracelet to send chills down your spine and a witch necklace to spill evil vibes! 

Hold on

I can’t end this blog without mentioning my most favorite Halloween party of all time! 

Catwoman, Velveteen Rabbit…… 


Can you hear, “No Bunny. Always no bunny at all ?”

Now, that we have answered some of the questions, it’s your turn to answer ours!

Tell us in the comments below! Or come drop a #treat at our Instagram page 



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