BOSOM-BUDDY 2022, Bestselling International Friendship Day Jewelry Collection

July 08, 2022 5 min read

BOSOM-BUDDY 2022, Bestselling International Friendship Day Jewelry Collection

We celebrate friendship day in honour of our friends, to keep our Friendship life long and leave an example for the world about, what is meant to be friendship and is meant to be a true friend.

Meaningful Jewelry Gifts for friends

Merely sending friendship day wishes, or messages and ending up the day without any enthusiasm and entertainment is utter waste. Sending meaningful presents with your beautiful messages will definitely enhance their hearts and helps them understand their importance in your life.

Jewel Panda, thus offers beautiful meaningful jewelry collection like friendship bracelet and necklace, best friend necklaces, matching rings for friends, friendship bracelets for adults, friendship knot necklace, best friend heart necklace, custom best friend bracelets, sterling silver friendship necklace, personalized friendship bracelets, two piece friendship necklace, cute best friend bracelets, silver best friend necklace, engraved friendship bracelet, best friend bracelets that unlock each other, friendship bracelets for women and the list goes on and on…

"The only way to have a friend is to be one", says Ralph Waldo Emerson. Every person you meet will definitely teach you a lesson which changes your life totally. The same goes with you in others life. Friends are those with whom we share our joys and sorrows, the ones who guide us and help us sail through the highs and lows of life. This is why there is a special day to honour these individuals who are such an important part of our lives. And these important people deserve the best Friendship Day Jewelry gift, which they can hold close to their heart.

Best friend heart necklace to share are your Hearts!


Go, share and love with all your heart.Share a friendship gift for your best friend from Jewel Panda’s Women’s Stainless Steel Anatomical Heart Necklace.A bold and beautiful set of heart-shaped pendant necklace spell a magic cast of love and artistic creation. This double-layered necklace can be worn as a single statement piece too. A great gifting choice to your bestie that has your soul, heart, arteries, and veins too! Made out of stainless steel, one of the necklaces has a heart-shaped pendant while the other has a canvas of a heart. It comes with a link chain. The length of the chain is 36 cm with a 7 cm extender which also comes with a Jewel Panda jewellery box suitable for gifting.


Send an epistle to your pal

One of the sweetest things in life is to receive a letter from a friend.Send your love for your friend on this Friendship Day 2022 though a Necklace With Love Letter Envelope Pendant.A pendant designed like an envelope carrying a Love You letter inside symbolizes the long-lost way of handwritten love letters. A beautiful Friendship gift to express your love to your bestie celebrating your happiest moments. This meaningful jewelry gift for friends is made of 925 sterling silver and comes with a link chain. It also comes in our branded jewelry box suitable for gifting!

Name Engraved Necklaces For Friends!


It’s always the small pieces that make a big picture.Why only share presents for Friendship Day? Gift them with Women’s Best Friends Jigsaw Puzzle Pendant Necklace Set Of 4,a classic sign of Friendship, Love, Union, and Forever! This Best Friends Forever Pendant Friendship Necklace Set of 4 features a jigsaw puzzle chain is a unique gift for yourself and your friends. This necklace can be a perfect gift for Friends of 4, symbolizes and honours this very special bond. Celebrate this friendship day with this unique pad-lock Jewelry gift made of alloy. The size of the puzzle is 3 x 3 cm length with 18 inches chain. This puzzle comes with a fancy box suitable for gifting.

Spread the Magic of Colours with silver best friend necklace


Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud!Splash the colours of rainbow by purchasing Women’s Set Of 2 Rainbow Friendship Pendant Necklace.Celebrate the magic of friendship and share your rainbows with your best friend. This Best Friends set of 2 necklaces includes two broken rainbow pendants dangling from each chain. This pendant with the shape of half a rainbow and cloud has Best Friends engraved on each cloud. Lock your colourful moments spent with your Bestie by gifting your best friend with our silver rainbow necklace.

Pinky-promise friendship fine Jewelry


Cross my heart and pinky swear! This friendship necklace features two cute interlocking pinky fingers -A Pinky Promise Pendant. This set of two silver stunning necklaces with two small hand pendants that can hold hands makes a Meaningful Jewelry Gifts for Friends in your life. Celebrate this promise of friendship with Women’s Pinky Promise Pendant Necklace Set of 2. Made of alloy, this pendant necklace is secured by a lobster clasp. The pendant sizes are 0.78 x 0.58 inches. Unlock your promises from branded jewelry box offered by Jewel Panda.

Infinity friendship bracelets


Friendship isn’t about being inseparable. It’s about being apart and nothing changes.Women's Set of 2 Adjustable Snake Bracelets With Broken Heart is a perfect piece of best friend bracelets that unlock each other that embrace your friends for infinity, wherever you are. This Best Friends engraved pendant is a perfect token of friendship gift. This silver friendship bracelets for best friends feature a broken heart on one bracelet and exactly match of a broken heart on the other bracelet. It is an ideal Friendship Day bracelet gift for your bestie. It showcases delicate crystal holo drop on this lovely snake chain that catches the light with every move. Made of stainless steel, the bracelet is studded with adjustable crystals of 7 cm snake bracelet with a lobster closure. Let the best friend’s half heart bracelet brace your Friendship for infinity.

Open up several unique Friendship Day fine jewelry picks from JewelPanda this Friendship Day 2022.

Let your Friendship Day Gifts be special from the previous years.



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