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 2020 will forever be remembered in the minds and etched in the school books for all the historical moments it offered!  

(Thank God, the numerical is easy to remember)

Yes, now why do we talk about that here? There's a reason why…read along!

The year began with all usual resolutions and josh! Yet, we were all homebound once due to a scary little predator that awaits in crowded places! Now, after the world has been clothed in the gloomy times of half a year, we are ready to face realities with the “New Normal'' culture in all its glory!

The sun glasses are paired up with face masks and hand creams are almost replaced with sanitizers. Though these weren’t our first choices, we are now left with no options! In these unprecedented times, we see a string of hope when we can go out and feel autumn leaves and a chill breeze caressing through our skin… Now, the new normal has come with its subordinate called  “Back-to-office”  trends.

In the past six months we have followed the laziest and cosiest dress code while working from home. Well, you know the most loved trend of quarantine, Semi-formal-Zoom call looks! As the world is blooming, it’s time to shift back to the 9-5 routine. Though some of us still have the privilege of WFH, many people don’t. This blog will help you to beat the blues and get back on track!

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Ladies, let’s brush off some basic and comfortable looks to ace the 9 to 5 office hours with that “mask”!



It’s never a bad idea to stick to the basics when you have an important meeting or presentation. A plain T-shirt paired up with a white blazer and the Freshwater Pearl Pendant With Sterling Silver Chain is definitely a steal! A single pearl studded on the leaf-shaped pendant is the first one to make to our favorites list!

This chain looks dainty and simple and does not bling in the face! So, what are you planning to wear during the next meeting?!


Who can say no to a jewel with a solitaire on it? Do you like danglers in the ears that feel heavy during the office hours? Most of us don’t!

So, to add a shine to your face and the entire look you create, here is the all-time-favorite stud. The 925 Sterling Silver Prong Set Stud Earring With Zirconia is a perfect pick.


These stud earrings can glow up your face instantly and guess what, you will arrive at the office with a no-monday-blues look.

P.S: If you are a specky one, who wears a mask and also uses earphones while commuting then you should definitely need this stud that reduces the burden you put on your ears!


Ideally, all human beings tend to speak with facial expressions and “Body movements”. Our hands are a predominant gesture that conveys a meaning along with the words we speak , so why not adorn it with the exhilarating pieces?

The one we picked is for everyone!


Silver Plated Crystal Studded Chain Bracelet is something we can’t deny! Crystals skillfully embellished on the strings of the silver plated bracelet is what makes it to the panda’s favorites list! If you love accessories that are as light as a feather, then these are perfectly tailored for you!

If you like these jewels and think it will be a perfect steal, then BUY THEM NOW! Do not forget to click a selfie and tag @jewelpanda. You can stand a chance to get featured in our IG page and also here!


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