5 Ways To Surprise a Pet Lover

February 16, 2021 3 min read

5 Ways To Surprise a Pet Lover

Pet lovers have all the love in the world. They have so much love in their heart and the world is just starting to witness it. 

When you like someone but they love pets more. So, you’ll be wondering about the ways to surprise a Pet lover. 

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Here are the most tried, tested, and won ideas to surprise a Pet lover. They’ll go “Awwww” with every gift that we’ve listed here. 

It is easy to be kind and make others’ hearts warm. So, do it in a way they’ll never forget. 

The top 5 gifting ideas for the pet lovers day are:

  • Write them poems
  • Gift her/him a jewel that reminds them of their pets. 
  • Gift something to the pet as well
  • Surprise ‘em with a cute graphic tee
  • Gift them a pet 

Here’s a protip: You can combine the first tip with any of the following four.

1. Poems can touch anybody’s heart:

Words can move any person’s heart and words written poetically can move even the hard mountains. A pet lover loves their pets more than anything in the world. So, writing a poem about their pets would go straight to their hearts. Your poem needn’t be perfect but just heartfelt. Add some memories of you with their pets; Write about how much they love their pets and they’ll cherish this gift forever. 

But there’s more! You can bundle it with a cute little present. Bam! You would make their day, month, and even a year. 

Thank us later, bud!


2. Get them a memorable gift:

Your gifts needn’t be fancy or expensive. It needs to remind them of you! That’s where magic works. Get them an alluring gift that can be cherished for years to come. This would mean a ton and a tail to them (you get the pun, don’t you?)

A paw in the heart pendant necklace can make any pet mom go “Awwwww”. Paw jewelry is one of the most unique  jewelry pieces you can find. A cute paw engraved in the heart pendant will be the cutest jewel you can see today. The words “Love you” are engraved on the side are nothing but a cherry on top!

But don’t worry if you know an adorable Dog-mom because there’s something for them too. 

A paw-shaped pendant necklace tops the pet jewelry collection. A cute little reminder that their favorite pet is always with them. 

(Dear Cynophiles, we can feel your heart melting right now)

Also, if you know someone who loves every pet out there or just has some extra love for every animal, then here’s an exciting piece. 


This bunny pendant necklace is a foldable one. You can play with this fashionable piece when you’re missing your cute bunny or cat or pup! 


3. Gift Something For Their Pets Too:

Get something touching for their pets too because they deserve some love too. Make it special for them. Get a cake, a few candles, and cute little jewelry to adorn those pets with. 

However, pet jewelry need not be the pets’ miniature or carvings but something charming too. 

If you ask a pet lover, you know very well that their pets bring good luck and loads of happiness into your life. So, to celebrate the pet in your favorite person’s life, gift a charming pendant necklace that also has a good luck card attached to it.  

For all the joy a cat, dog, bunny, or any other pet brings into our lives, we owe them an infinite love. We are rooting for many more years of happy “wagging”.


4. Surprise Them With Cute Pet T-shirts:

“Anything cute” is not an option to surprise pet lovers but anything with “pets” definitely is. So, gift them a T-shirt that has a cute pet. You know what, pet lovers don’t wear pet tees for seasons or trends; They wear these T-shirts because of the pet’s picture in them and a cat t-shirt is always a good idea.


Fitness is only on new year’s day for others but a year-round thing for pet lovers. (haha, ONLY because of the funky little cat in there). 


5. Gift Them A Pet:

This is such a lovely gesture to touch a pet person’s heart. Imagine surprising your significant half or friend or family with a little pup or kitten wrapped in a satin cloth and kept in a basket! That’s the best thing you can ever imagine. 

So, you can gift them a jewel or T-shirt or write a poem. But we say, you can do them all! Being unique with Jewel Panda is so breezy.  

Tell us which of these has touched your heart and which one are you going to choose now? Tell us in the comments. We’d love to know. 

Kaviyakavi Baskaran.

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