Jewellery Ideas For The Month Of Aquarius

January 29, 2021 2 min read

Jewellery Ideas For The Month Of Aquarius

Jewellery Ideas For The Month Of Aquarius

It’s about that time of the month again for the quirky, unique, and free-spirited Aquarians to flaunt their existence. The month of Aquarius starts on January 20 and ends on February 18. Aquarius born individuals are born extroverts yet they struggle at expressing their emotions. The lack of predictability makes their expression distinctive in comparison with other zodiac signs. Jewel panda celebrates this month with its finest Bluestone collection that resonates with the unique qualities of Aquarius.


The Free-Spirited Topaz:



Jewel panda’s light blue topaz crystal jewellery embellished with white stones will make your entire look pop with elegance and beauty. White diamonds are accepted as the stone of Love and romance and blue topaz is the Free-spirited version of the traditional white diamond. This adjustable topaz ring and pendant combination are a perfect engagement gift option. Blue topaz jewellery adds Classiness to one’s style. These dainty pieces can be paired with solid bold, nude pullovers or classy dress outfits.


The Celestial Style:



Saturn in Aquarius is much lighter and seeks far into the future compared to its hard-working influence in Capricorn. Aquarius jewellery reflects the same. Dainty statement pieces are an ideal option to master the Aquarius fashion look. Jewel Panda’s blue planet celestial body necklace is designed with celestial bodies and the planet Earth. The giant blue zircon stone resembles the Earth and is complemented by a small star and a crescent moon right at the equator. This sterling silver pendant necklace has an adjustable chain for convenience. This piece adds Sparkle and a touch of Uniqueness to long or short dresses, solid pullovers, and floral outfits. The versatility of this necklace makes it Effortless to pair several looks in style.


Kings and Queens:


The Age of Aquarius in modern culture defines a peace and love paradise. We are currently in the Age of Aquarius and the past year has taught us the importance of love, peace, and gratefulness. 2020 has been unfair and all of us deserve to be Kings and Queens for getting through the horrible year. Jewel Panda’s sapphire pendant set offers a Royal look to any outfit. This necklace combo set is a perfect gift for the survivors of 2020.


Introverted Extroverts:

Aquarius extroverts are extremely introverted when it comes to emotional expression. Many people find it hard to understand Aquarius born people. Jewel Panda recommends gifting jewellery to help you get closer to the mind-boggling Aquarius peeps. Jewel Panda’s blue crystal jewellery sethas a Unique design that complements any outfit. This blue crystal pendant and comma-shaped earrings can make any outfit Exude elegance and help you get one step closer to your favourite Aquarian.



Bold, vibrant colors and innovative styles describe the traditional Aquarius style. Some of the famous Aquarian Celebrities include Alicia Keys, Neil Diamond, Ellen DeGeneres, Elijah Wood, Kerry Washington, David Bowie, Isla Fisher, Shakira, Harry Styles, Emma Roberts, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Yara Shahidi. Fashion tips from these amazing Aquarius celebrities can inspire you to find your unique Aquarius Style. Match Jewel Panda’s unique collection with your style and personality to radiate your Aquarius vibe.

By Krithikha, Jan 27 2021.

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