Evil Eye Collections That You Can Wear Any Day

June 22, 2021 2 min read

Evil Eye Collections That You Can Wear Any Day

 Evil eye collections are pretty and hold many myths behind them. So, we at Jewelpanda decided to understand the whys and whats of the Evil eye collection and bring them to you. 

It’s believed that wearing evil eye jewellery protects people from evil or negative energies around and helps to succeed in everything we do. 

So, we are bringing you the top-selling evil eyepieces of Jewel Panda to your fingertips.

Evil Eye X Zirconia Crystals 


This is a deadly combo,well not literallyThe cubic zirconia stones in this Evil eye necklace is the highlighting necklace you can wear any day, any time. The evil eye design has a good purpose. It is believed to give you good health and prosperity. This is available in gold and silver colours. Yes, before you ask us, the design is inspired by the Illuminati collections. But are not reserved for Halloween month.

Evil Eye Zirconia Earrings



This sterling silver evil eye earrings set is an absolute stunner. The evil-eye earrings for women are the most sought after earrings in June. You can wear this stunning pair of earrings without compromising the stylish look. Stud earrings are widely loved but evil eye collections have an extra special place in the jewelry stash.

Evil-eye Rings For The Win


Evil eye rings are one of the most loved rings in the fashion industry. They look beyond beautiful and they are good to be paired up with any other ringsMost importantly, women who love stacking up rings like sterling rings with cubic zirconia, love these for the minimal and versatile style the evil eye jewelry collections carry with them.


But, before you go...

Myth or truth. Like it or not. These evil eye collections look amazing. So, even if you don’t believe the stories behind them, you can’t take your eyes off them. Tell us if you like these in the comments below or visit our store to shop them all!

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