How To Style From Neck To Toe

July 13, 2021 2 min read

How To Style From Neck To Toe

Styling from neck to toe has never been so easier before. We have the best jewels for women lined up for you at Jewel Panda as we step into the summertime. Today, we bring you the gold plated necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets to help you style a beautiful look in under 5 mins.

Here are a few jewels that our customers (you) loved.

Stunning Prism Necklaces

This bohemian style silver crystal prism pendant looks like a beautiful gift box. This women’s pendant is the perfect summer accessory to flaunt while wearing your best-lined cleavage dress. The gift box pendant has a bow studded with crystal stones that dazzle along with the prism pendant. Grab this beautiful necklace and surprise your favourite person!

Earrings To Look Fab

These gold-plated stud earrings embellished with zirconia stones elevate your look in a minute. Just wear these stud earrings and make heads turn as you go around. It adds a glow and charm to your look.

Floral Bracelets For Evening Look

Add a dash of sunshine to your everyday look with this women’s sterling silver floral bracelet with stones. Bracelets are the prettiest accessory to wear when you don’t have the inspiration to get up and glam up.

Top It Off In The Toe (Well, Not Literally)

This stainless steel bead drop anklet complements the gold-plated accessories that we’ve listed out here. Add this sparkling anklet and elevate your look. Shopping for women's anklets needn’t be as tricky as it sounds. You can find the best and beautiful anklets from Jewelpanda


Shhh, all the accessories listed here are best suited for a casual white midi dress. 

Which of these are you planning to shop? Visit our store.

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