London Fashion Week - A Jewel Panda Guide

February 15, 2021 2 min read

London Fashion Week - A Jewel Panda Guide

London Fashion Week - A Jewel Panda Guide

The London Fashion Week for the Fall-Winter collection is around the corner and Jewel Panda has you covered in this detailed guide for the upcoming spring season. We recommend you affordable jewellery options for some of our favourite looks from the  London Fashion Week Spring collection.

Boho elegance:

The Bohemian trend never goes out of style. This Triple Layered Bohemian Choker Necklace with Pearl  is essential in your boho style collection. Victoria Beckham’s cross strap leopard print dress is a great option for our choker necklace. Pair your leopard print outfits with this boho necklace to look classy at your online Zoom parties. Jewel Panda also loves the layered necklace trend. It complements formal and date night looks and is an easy to style piece that accentuates your neckline. This Multi-Layered Bohemian Necklace with Pearl Strings is a solid match for Supraja Lele’s blue string strap dress. Pair this multilayer necklace with your favourite strapless dress in your closet for an elegant look.

Smoky elegance:

Gemstone pendants are minimalistic statement pieces, when matched with the right outfit they can exude elegance and sophistication. This Sterling Silver Smoky Quartz Pendant Necklace and Earrings  can turn any outfit into a masterpiece. Osman’s mustard crop top and pants are a match flawlessly with our sterling silver necklace.

Green chic:

Emerald is the symbol of truth and love. It is lively, radiant, lush, and enhances our sense of well-being. This Sterling Silver Jewelry Set With Gemstones  in green is an exceptional gift option to wish good luck and prosperity. Molly Goddrad’s green strap dress embodies our green gemstone collection. Pair our gemstone pendant and earrings with your favourite solid outfits to create a sharp and classic look.

Charm Finesse:

The pandemic has locked us in quarantine for a long time. Some of us are sick of the constant day drinking. Jewel Panda’s Wine and a Heart Pendant Necklace with Cubic Zirconia charm necklace is a great way to celebrate your sobriety in style. This charm necklace is ideal with Supraja Lele’s long fitted trench coat and is effortless to style clean silhouettes.

Baguette Style:

Who doesn’t love a fresh, crispy baguette? Jewel Panda’s sheer dedication to the delicious long sticks has shaped into this beautiful Sterling Silver Baguette Necklace with Zirconia. This necklace pairs well with strapless dresses.Toga’s idea of a bodysuit paired with a pleated skirt is an excellent choice to pair with our special necklace. 

Zen Fits:

Jewel Panda’s favourite stone is the blue topaz. It is a symbol of love and tranquillity. Immerse yourself in the Zen light blue of our Sky Blue Topaz Cut Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace. Art School’s long strap, floor-length curtain silhouette dress is calming in a distinct way. Pair this blue topaz necklace  with your favourite dress on a date night with your loved one.

 By Krithikha.





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